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that’s eco-friendly by design.

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Choose style and comfort<br />that’s eco-friendly by design. Choose style and comfort<br />that’s eco-friendly by design.

Swedish by Design is a ground-breaking housing concept that offers UK homeowners a smarter way to live.

A collaboration between Places for People and Trivselhus UK, working together to create homes that are designed for living more comfortably, more socially and more sustainably.

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Enjoy a more Scandinavian way of living

Sweden is a country of long nights and cold winters, where well-made, highly insulated houses are essential for living well. Large, triple-glazed windows let in the light while trapping heat, and high ceilings give you a sense of space and comfort. Smart technologies throughout your home empower you to live in a way that is better for you, and more sustainable for the environment.

Comfortable and clever. Designed for life.

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Beautiful homes for life

We create homes for people who care about quality and the world they leave behind. With comfort, convenience and style, enjoy a healthier life for you and your family.

Places for people x Trivselhus

Stylish. Sustainable. Swedish



Our homes are made from renewable and recyclable raw materials, with energy-saving technologies built in.



Control your energy, security and entertainment, with Apple-compatible smart devices included as standard.



Choose a home that’s perfect for you. We’ll help you tailor spaces to your needs, then we manage the build.


High quality

Our innovative building process ensures precise and airtight construction, for homes that are built for living.